Chicago Pneumatic filters keep your air distribution network in optimal shape!

In any compressed air net distribution it is a must to install one or more filters. As a result, an improved air quality is achieved which benefits your complete compressed air network, including the downstream dryers, air pipes and pneumatic tools. Depending on the application you may need to filter your air in different stages to prevent saturation of the elements, keep your air quality and avoid pressure drops.


Overall design

RSG series filter elements adopt special anti-leakage technology,assuring filtering effect.

Good non-corrodibility

RSG series filter shells adopt anodic oxidation treatment for its surface.

Good hydrophobicity of filter material

RSG series filter elements adopt genuine boron silicate glass fiber of American HV brand with small mist rapidly, and reduce pressure drop.

User-friendly design with flange shell

Flange shells adopt user-friendly design, convenient for replacement of filter elements.

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