Clean AIR CLR 15-25 Leaflet

Oil free Piston Compressor range

Oil-free compressors The CleanAIR oil-free compressors produce air at the highest quality, suitable for dentists, laboratories, surgeries, food packaging, drink dispensing and many other applications where hygienic and clean air is a must. The option of a top of the line adsorption dryer assures dry air down to -40 °C dew point. Optional acoustic canopy can be selected to guarantee extremely low noise levels. All vessels are treated internally with epoxy coating to avoid corrosion, extend lifetimes and assure a safe operation.

Clean AIR_CNR 75-100 Leaflet

Oil-free compressors Industries such as food and beverage,

electronics and textiles cannot risk any chance of oil contamination in their processes. It is essential that their compressed air is 100% oil-free. Outstanding reliability, and low maintenance and operating costs make oil-free compressors a sound investment.

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