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– product designers, sales technicians, distributors, customers – all have something in common. We are passionate about performance. We know that every Chicago Pneumatic power tool, compressor, generator, breaker and paver is perfectly suited to a specificcustomer need. We are proud of Chicago Pneumatic’s over 100-year-long history, and love showing off the latest Chicago Pneumatic product innovation.


Mark was established in 1970, and 4 years later, it started to sell piston compressor to foreign countries. The export business was proved to be very successful and promoted the rapid development of the company. By 1988, over 10,000 screw compressors had been in operation in Europe, and 100,000 worldwide. Today, MARK has a global customer base, with local customer centers around the world. MARK air compressors are tailored to the needs of the light industry and assembly production. Every day we develop and manufacture new products that are meant to meet your demands not only today, but tomorrow as well.

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